Thursday, 8 November 2012

Staple Fashion

Two things that are on my mind right now: a girl can never have too many denim shorts and I like love thin jewellery. Every girl has that one piece of item that, no matter how many they have, if they see it, they will buy more - let it be t-shirts, a certain brand, shoes, what have you. Me? I have decided that denim shorts are my staple clothes. I wear them with boots or thongs. With a singlet or a bold blazer. You name it, I've done it. There is something very comforting in wear a pair. Maybe its the Australian coming out in me. Each to their own.

I'm moving next week so the top list on my priority list is add to my wardrobe by checking out the awesome sales that are going around. Today I checked out Tuchuzy in Bondi, which houses these amazing Rag & Bone sandals that I am seriously contemplating purchasing, which curiously don't feature online (as of yet). As you can see, I purchased some new fine jewellery today. The gold skull and the rose gold cross are from Sportsgirl (SAAALLE - score) and the arrowhead is a Eurotrip purchase from H&M. Believe or not, it use to be gold but my recent beach trips have stripped the colour off. 

I was also on the hunt for a pretty, summery, flowy dress for those day parties that peculiarly last till 1am. I had my good fortunes today as I found a flowy, sheer singlet dress in Zara (similar to this) that will go perfectly with my new Billabong crochet shorts (here). I'm getting my "I'm tre excited to wear this outfit" feeling!